Stuhrling Watches Review: Are Stuhrling Watches Any Good?

If you are a watch-geek like me, you must’ve heard about the brand Stuhrling. No, Stuhrling is NOT a legendary brand like Rolex or Omega. But They have gained uber-popularity in its niche market.

The sales figures don’t lie, and with 15 million sales over the last 18 years, Stuhrling has created a great brand impression.

Let’s not waste any words and start dissecting the brand with this detail Stuhrling watches review.

Stuhrling Original Men’s Regatta 792 Series Stuhrling Original Men’s Regatta 792 Series
  • Watch Movement: Automatic(Miyota 8215)
  • Water-Resistance: 10ATM/100m 20ATM/200m
Stuhrling Original Men's Aviator 3916 Series Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviator 3916 Series
  • Watch Movement: Quartz (Japanese)
  • Water-Resistance: 10ATM/100m
Stuhrling Original Men’s Anatol 371 Series Stuhrling Original Men’s Anatol 371 Series
  • Watch Movement: Automatic (Stuhrling ST-91011)
  • Water-Resistance: 5ATM/50m
Stuhrling Original Men's Aqua-Diver 395 Series Stuhrling Original Men’s Aqua-Diver 395 Series
  • Watch Movement: Quartz (Swiss Ronda 515 or Japanese)
  • Water-Resistance: 20ATM/200m 10ATM/100m
Stuhrling Original Men’s Maritimer 935 Series Stuhrling Original Men’s Maritimer 935 Series
  • Watch Movement: Quartz (Miyota 2115 Japanese)
  • Water-Resistance: 20ATM/200m
Stuhrling Original Men’s Modena 889 Series Stuhrling Original Men’s Modena 889 Series
  • Watch Movement: Automatic (Stuhrling ST-90365)
  • Water-Resistance: 5ATM/50m
Stuhrling Original Women's Symphony 651Series Stuhrling Original Women’s Symphony 651Series
  • Watch Movement: Quartz (Swiss Ronda 763)
  • Water-Resistance: 5ATM/50m

The History of Stuhrling Watches

Let’s take a journey through the pages of the history book. When and how things started for Stuhrling?

Everything started with a master Swiss craftsman named Max Stührling from the late 1800s. He was a well-known watchmaker who thrived on designing the top-end Swiss timepieces.

After more than 100 years, an American visionary from New York, Chaim Fischer, established the “Stührling” brand to design the finest quality watches. Although the brand was founded in 1999, it was until 2002 Stuhrling brand officially started the journey.

So, in a sense, the history of Stuhrling watches is only of 18 years.

Chaim relied on fine craftsmanship, unique design philosophy, and affordable price-tag to define his new-found brand –Stührling.

Where Are Stuhrling Watches Made?

Sure, Stuhrling has its headquarter in Brooklyn, New York. But they don’t have their manufacturing plant there.

There is only one magical place on earth where you find a balance between fine craftsmanship and affordable manufacturing cost.

Shenzhen, China!

We have a tendency to look down upon the tag “Made in China.” We think that it’s the synonym to “poor build quality.” But things have changed a lot over the last two decades.

Apple, Tesla, Bose, Sony, and numerous other giants have turned to Shenzhen, the manufacturer of modern technology!

Stuhrling watches are not made in China but “assembled in China.” They use Swiss quartz (the Ronda series) or automatic movements in a large portion of their watches. Other models use the Japanese Miyota quartz or automatic movement.

It’s a clear sign that Stuhrling isn’t planning on dipping the product quality in any way.

Does It Come with A Warranty?

It’s only normal for people to feel skeptical about the quality and durability of their watches. After all, people are easily scared off by the “made in China” tag.

There is only one way to gain the trust of the people – offering good post-purchase services and warranty.

All the Stuhrling watches come with a 2-year international warranty.

This statement is enough to prove the product quality of these watches!

7 Best Stuhrling Watches: The Stuhrling Review!

Stuhrling Original Men’s Regatta 792 Series – The Overall Best

Stuhrling Original Men's Regatta 792 Series

Let’s start with Stuhrling’s most popular offering – the Regatta 792 Series. Stuhrling has showcased its strength in the engineering department with this collection.

First of all, they have used the Miyota 8215 automatic movement here. When it comes to watch movements, automatic steal the crown jewel. It offers higher precision without the need for any battery.

It’s one of the most lucrative features of the collection.

In terms of design, Stuhrling Regatta 792 is heavily inspired by Rolex Submariner. Everything from the dial, bezel, crown, markers, and hands are uncannily close to the Rolex Submariner.

However, Stuhrling has made some smart changes too.

For example, the clear screw-down case back made of Krysterna crystals looks impressive and refreshing.

Plus, Stuhrling has added its proprietary Parashock technology to withstand external shocks.

Stuhrling has made some changes in this model in 2020. They have introduced five new color variations and reduced the water-resistance rating from 200m to 100m.

Yes, it’s a big letdown.

You can still get older 792 models too.

Product Specification – Regatta 792 Series

  • Case Diameter: 42 mm
  • Case Thickness: 13.5mm
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless-Steel
  • Band Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Clasp: Push Button Deployant Clasp
  • Water-resistance: 100m/200m

Notable Features

  • Miyota 8215 21 jewel automatic movement with self-winding feature
  • Rolex-style luminous hands
  • 21,600 BPH movement frequency
  • Krysterna crystals on front and back to withstand the high atmospheric pressure
  • Screw down exhibition case back
  • Comes with proprietary “Parashock” shock resistance  
  • Unidirectional ratcheting bezel movement
  • Date display


  • Higher precision with automatic movement
  • Classic design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Shock-proof
  • 3Hz movement frequency


  • Seems like a copy of Rolex Submariner
  • Water-resistance performance dropped in the recent model

Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviator 3916 Series – Best Casual Design

Stuhrling Original Men's Aviator 3916 Series

Stuhrling Aviator 3916 Series rocks the punk-look better than any other watch from Stuhrling. They launched the series last year in 2019 to attract the younger generation.  

Every single design concept puts the Aviator 3916 series apart from others.

The dial delivers the biggest punch. The dial background has a grainy black finish. You’ll find the seven-day markers on the right side with tiny indicators. This design resembles the concept of runway edge lights.

There are luminous Plongeur hands to help you check the time at low lights. Plus, the leather band with SS rivets complement the adventurous looks of the watch.

If you are looking for a casual watch match your jeans and T-shirt, the Aviator 3916 Series should be your go-to option.

Product Specification – Aviator 3916 Series

  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Case Thickness: 9mm
  • Band Width: 21mm
  • Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless-Steel
  • Band Material: Genuine Leather with SS Rivets
  • Clasp: SS Tang Buckle
  • Water-resistance: 100m

Notable Features

  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Luminous Plongeur hands with index markers
  • Krysterna crystals on front
  • Screw-down stainless-steel case back
  • Polished bezel
  • Day-date display


  • Edgy design choices
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Unique day-date display
  • Budget-friendly


  • The black hands on the black background make it hard to read time
  • Accuracy is bot as good as automatic movement

Stuhrling Original Men’s Anatol 371 Series – Best Skeleton Watch

Stuhrling Original Men's Anatol 371 Series

The Stuhrling Anatol 371 Series is a part of the brand’s legacy collection. The specialty of this collection is the unique look.

Stuhrling has featured their in-house ST-91011 automatic movement. The automatic movement features the several intricate gears working together that looks fascinating to watch.

And, with the skeleton-style display, you can watch everything moving!

This is the most interesting feature of the watch.

Plus, there’s an AM/PM indicator with sun and moon. Then, there are dauphine-style hands and stick indicators that only enhances the intricate beauty of the Anatol series.

The only drawback of the watch is the poor water-resistance performance. You can take this watch for a quick swimming session in the pool, but it would be a terrible choice for snorkeling or diving.

Product Specification – Anatol 371 Series

  • Case Diameter: 47mm
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless-Steel
  • Band Material: Alligator Embossed Leather Strap
  • Clasp: SS Tang Buckle
  • Water-resistance: 50m

Notable Features

  • In-house ST-91011 automatic movement with dual-time feature
  • Skeleton-style display that shows all the intricate movements in the watch
  • Animated AM/PM indicator with sun and moon
  • Dauphine-style hands with applied stick markers
  • Krysterna crystals on dial-window
  • A secondary time-zone subdial


  • Unique and elegant design
  • Higher precision and accuracy with automatic movement
  • Dual-time and AM/PM indicator
  • Premium craftsmanship


  • Poor water-resistance performance

Stuhrling Original Men’s Aqua-Diver 395 Series – Best Sports Watch

Stuhrling Original Men's Aqua

Aqua-Diver 395 Series looks very similar the Regatta 792 Series. But when it comes to features, there are some major differences between them.

Let’s start with the similarities –

You are getting the same basic shape with unidirectional ratcheting bezel. The placement and the style of the crown is also identical.

But not every physical choice is identical.

For example, the dial has Arabic numerals on four markers. The placement of the date-display has off-centered from 3 o’clock to 4:30. Plus, they have ditched the Rolex-style hands to sword style.

Then, there are some big differences in terms of features too.

Instead of using an automatic movement, Stuhrling has used two top-quality quartz movements. The first variant, the original 395 series uses the Swiss Ronda 515 while newer 4006 series uses Japanese Miyota quartz movement.

The water-resistance rating varies too.

Product Specification – Aqua-Diver 395 Series

  • Case Diameter: 42 mm
  • Case Thickness: 11.5mm
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless-Steel
  • Band Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Clasp: Push Button Deployant Clasp
  • Water-resistance: 200m/100m

Notable Features

  • Swiss Ronda 515 quartz (original 395 series) or Japanese Miyota quartz (newer 4006 series) movement
  • Skeletonized sword style luminous hands with Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock marker
  • Unidirectional ratcheting bezel for keeping track of the dive duration
  • Screw down crown for better water-resistance performance
  • Krysterna (synthetic sapphire) crystals on dial-window


  • Classic design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Better water resistance performance
  • Creates own identity, rather than copying Rolex Submariner


  • Uses quartz movement instead of the advanced automatic movement
  • Battery-powered

Stuhrling Original Men’s Maritimer 935 Series – Best Diver Watch

Stuhrling Original Men's Maritimer 935 Series

Stuhrling designed the Maritimer 935 Series for the dedicated divers and swimmers. All the technical features and design choices work towards creating a perfect partner for watersport enthusiasts.

First of all, it uses rubber band rather than leather or stainless steel. It’s a very practical choice for a watch that is meant to be underwater.

Then, you are getting 200m water resistance which good number for divers and swimmers.

The screw-down case back and crown support the water-resistance performance.

Like I said, every feature of the watch compliments the diver-style design.

Product Specification – Maritimer 935 Series

  • Case Diameter: 43mm
  • Case Thickness: 13.5mm
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless-Steel
  • Band Material: Rubber
  • Clasp: Stainless Steel Tang Buckle
  • Water-resistance: 200m

Notable Features

  • Miyota 2115 Japanese quartz movement
  • Luminous sword hands with markers
  • Stainless-steel coin-edge style unidirectional bezel
  • Screw down crown for better water-resistance performance
  • Krysterna crystals on dial window


  • Rugged design
  • Higher water-resistance performance
  • Luminous hands and markers help to check time underwater
  • Superior accuracy


  • Doesn’t compliment formal looks

Stuhrling Original Men’s Modena 889 Series – The Premium Choice

Stuhrling Original Men's Modena 889 Series

The Stuhrling Modena 889 Series is the epitome of luxury and elegance from brand. You can find some similarities with Anatol series but this one is a class apart!

For example, it features both skeleton-style display with transparent exhibition case back. In simpler words, you can see through the watch!

Stuhrling favored Arabic numerals instead of stick markers here. It brings in more originality.

Finally, the most interesting design choice of the watch is the placement of the adjustment crown. It sits on top of the display along the 12 o’clock marker!

The intricate guilloché work throughout the watch is spectacular.

Stuhrling’s in-house ST-90365 22 jewel automatic movement drives the watch with utmost precision.

Product Specification – Modena 889 Series

  • Case Diameter: 46mm
  • Case Thickness: 13.5mm
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless-Steel
  • Band Material: Calfskin Leather (Alligator-embossed)
  • Clasp: Push Button Dual Deployant Clasp
  • Water-resistance: 50m

Notable Features

  • In-house ST-90365 22 jewel automatic movement with dual-time feature
  • Skeleton-style display that shows all the intricate movements in the watch
  • Animated AM/PM indicator with sun and moon
  • Dauphine-style hands with Arabic numerals
  • Krysterna crystals on front and back
  • Onion-style crown positioned at the 12 o’clock marker


  • Seems like a piece of art on the wrist
  • Elegant and classy
  • Superior precision and accuracy
  • Great material choice


  • Poor water-resistance performance
  • Delicate, can get damaged easily

Stuhrling Original Women’s Symphony 651 Series – Best Ladies’ Watch

Stuhrling Original Women's Symphony 651 Series

This ladies’ watch, Symphony 651 Series from Stuhrling, celebrates minimalism and simplicity. There’s nothing too fancy about the watch except the Swarovski crystals on the bezel.

The Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement is quite decent. In fact, Ronda 763 is one of the better quartz movements in the market with oscillating movement.

The plush-soft calfskin leather will hug your wrist gently.

Overall, it’s a decent ladies’ option but might feel outdated to some.

Product Specification – Symphony 651 Series

  • Case Diameter: 34mm
  • Case Thickness: 9mm
  • Band Width: 16mm
  • Case Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Band Material: Alligator-embossed Leather
  • Clasp: SS Tang Buckle
  • Water-resistance: 50m

Notable Features

  • Swiss quartz movement (Ronda 763)
  • Alpha-style design with Arabic numerals on every marker
  • Polished stainless-steel bezel with Swarovski crystals
  • Krysterna crystals on dial window


  • High precision quartz movement
  • Minimalistic design philosophy
  • Swarovski crystal offers a hint of elegancy
  • Comfortable
  • Budget-friendly


  • Might feel a bit outdated
  • Poor water-resistance performance

Are Stuhrling Watches Good Quality?

Yes, of course!

The sole reason behind the massive success of the Stuhrling watches is the product quality.

People started buying the mid-range watch because of the compelling looks. But they stayed with the brand because of the quality.

Not every brand can boast of 15 million sales within just 18 years.

Let’s talk about the durability factors first.   

All Stuhrling watches have 316L surgical grade stainless steel casing. It’s the industry standard to offer a durable body. Stuhrling uses the same stainless steel to make the bezel too.

The Krysterna crystals protecting the dial window is pretty strong too.

Yes, it’s synthetic sapphire not the original sapphire protection but you’re getting solid protection against scratches and shatters.

Another great feature of Stuhrling watches is the water-resistance performance.

You’re getting at least 50m (165 feet) water resistance rating with these watches. The special collections even offer 200m (656 feet) water resistance.

So, you can take these watches to your swimming sessions without any worry. Some are even capable of long dives.

There’s more!

To support water-resistance performance, some models even have screw-style crowns.

So, I don’t think you should doubt the durability or build quality of Stuhrling.

Then, comes the features.

Like I said before, Stuhrling is well-known for their watch movements. All of their watches use imported quartz or automatic movement, either Swiss or Japanese.

Even their in-house Stuhrling movements (ST-91011 or ST-90365) are very accurate.

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What did We like About Stuhrling Brand?

The list quite long, so bear with me!

We (including you!) follow somewhat the same roadmap to judge a watch –

  • How does the watch look?
  • What are the features?
  • Is it durable?

Stuhrling shines in all three categories!

Stuhrling watches are well-known for their looks. To be honest, the design of a watch is a more important parameter nowadays.


Because we have smartphones in our pockets. We don’t use watches to keep time anymore! It’s a fashion accessory.

I know the truth sounds a bit too harsh but it’s true.

So, from that perspective, Stuhrling is doing a solid job here. Just look at their legacy collections like Anatol or Modena.

These watches are head-turners!

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Then, there are some clever design choices like alligator-embossed leather or polished SS bezels give watches a more premium feel.

Plus, Stuhrling has made some interesting design choices regarding the crowns. Especially, the onion-style and fluted crowns are quite remarkable.

I have already talked about the impressive features that come along the Stuhrling watches.

For example, the high-precision movement choices, better water-resistance performance, and superior material choices make the Stuhrling brand stand apart.

I have saved my most favorite thing about the brand for last.

It’s the pricing!

From every angle, Stuhrling feels like a premium brand.

Except the fact that the watches are surprisingly cheap. Even their luxury collections sit at $250 to $350 price range!

Some models even sub-hundred-dollar price tag!

Overall, you are looking at a fine craftsmanship stacked with features that come at an affordable price!

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What Didn’t We Like About Stuhrling Brand?

The very thing that makes the Stuhrling watches so desirable is one of the biggest downfalls too.

It’s the pricing.

Stuhrling chose to be an affordable watch brand with great features.

This is why it can never become an elite brand. Among the watch-enthusiasts, Stuhrling is often a name associated with the entry-level “Chinese” category.

Despite offering imported Swiss or Japanese movement, people believe that Stuhrling uses cheap Chinese movements. It’s NOT true, but you can’t explain every detail to everyone.

So, this factor might make you face some awkward situations.

In today’s perspective, using a wrist-watch is all about showcasing brand power. But Stuhrling can’t give you that.  

The second issue lies within their branding.

Chaim Fischer named his company to pay a homage to the legendary Swiss watchmaker Max Stührling.

That’s why some people assume that Stuhrling is a Swiss brand only to find out that it’s from China. Surprisingly, people feel cheated because of it!

It sounds ridiculous but many people steer clear off the brand for this weird reason. Some even banters the brand in Stuhrling reviews because of this.

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That’s the end of my Stuhrling original watch review. Let’s check the rank of the best Stuhrling watches now!

With highest number of features and better durability, Stuhrling Original Men’s Regatta 792 Series steals the show.

Then, Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviator 3916 Series comes at the second position for being the most fashionable option.

Finally, Stuhrling Original Men’s Anatol 371 Series comes to number three for being the best formal watch option.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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